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It is striking that the Indian business media's heart bleeds for a telecom MNC whose problems are largely its own making. It then uses the threat of evaporating foreign investment to twist the government's hand. Clearly, Too Big To Fail is not confined to banking!

“Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

since the last time i posted i have adopted a kitten. his name is guppy and he likes to yell.

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JNU is on the verge of becoming a thing again.

Conveniently, it's around the same time in Modi's second term as it was in his first term.

The bhakt driven fervour is building up against a bunch of students who will be demonized and the whole nation will be distracted from the government's failures.

RSS - Cultural organisation that promotes secularism.
CIA - Think tank that spreads democracy.

The only hope in Indian democracy is this. I think protests should be taught as a part of the curriculum in Indian schools and universities.

#jnu #jnuprotest #JNUProtests #india #democracy

Protests are part of democracy, if you don't have them then you get authoritarian regimes.

By 2030, demand for fresh water will exceed supply by an estimated 40%. Without strong action, warns of, this could become a source of major conflicts

This is to all the students of the Jawaharlal Nehru University. And all of you who are standing strong with the #jnuprotest

You have stood for the founding principles and vision of the University.

#jnufeehike #JNUProtests #jnu #india #university #nehru #quotes

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Gandhiji's death was "accidental".
Just as Judge Loya's was.
Just as Gauri Lankesh's was.
Just as Dabholkar's was.
Just as Pansare's was.
True. The Sangh's enemies tend to suffer accidents.
This is what today's kids are being taught in school.

I'm a lawyer. I feel most competent in constitutional law. This means I'm constantly recovering from the trauma of being alive in these times.

In my doctoral work, I'm trying to understand constitutional claims outside courts - or the gulf between the Constitution of India & the constitution of India.

I'm currently teaching the law & science module to science undergrads, developing an RPG for children to work the Constitution democratically, and writing writing writing.

Babul Supriyo shown black flags, asked to go back during visit to cyclone Bulbul-ravaged areas | India News

I think the the idea that mass leaders will come from the most marginalized sections "automatically" or "spontaneously" is completely wrong. Leaders cannot emerge from the marginalized sections without conscious effort of the educated middle class. The process of "declassing" of a middle class intellectual goes hand in hand with the formation of organic intellectuals from the masses. Both the process facilitates each other.

Corporate partnerships are turning the United Nations' development wing into a sturdy partner of global capital's myth making apparatus.

Guys, can you all give @Gargron and @stux a break? I see so many Toots asking for emojis and blue tick and l sorts of nonsensical things. This is not a for-profit platform (correct me if I'm wrong) like Birdsite. These guys don't get paid to create emojis for your validation.

Treat them with respect, please.

BHU deputy chief proctor booked for ‘removing’ RSS flag, quits post | India News, The Indian Express
This is seriously taking law into your hands!

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