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Watch "🎬 MAY WRAP-UP: What I Watched Last Month | May 2021" on YouTube

You Can Now Try the New COSMIC Desktop Environment with Pop!_OS 21.04 Beta - It's FOSS News

In recent days, I find myself with this argument again, and again. I'm just tired of it. So, I wrote a refutation in my UU Humanist Skeptic site. (Because of the bunch of things I had to do, it took me about four months to write it). If there is any mistake in it, please, let me know. I hope you enjoy it. Sorry for my Puerto Rican English.

Contemporary Roman Historians Never Talked about Jesus of Nazareth - UU Humanist Skeptic

Watch "😱 A QUIET PLACE PART II Is a Thrill Ride! | Movie Review" on YouTube

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