I'm fully behind defunding the police. Let us rethink *all* policing, and hopefully abolish all armed police forces.

Watch "Minneapolis organizers: "Defund the police and invest in community"" on YouTube youtu.be/U2MnIKqMwwQ


Only 50k residents have been tested so far, about 1k/day. Yet testing capacity is much higher and continues to grow. Per UCSF data on the Mission district, half the carriers are asymptomatic.

MAP: Free COVID-19 Community Testing Sites in the Bay Area, No Insurance Required



"Of the 62 people who tested positive, more than half, 53%, showed no symptoms — highlighting the risk of pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic people spreading the virus."


Is the mastodon community ok with posts from local news? Cause my club was featured: cbsloc.al/2RjFV9u

Everclear 151 works for sanitizing if you can't find 70% isopropyl alcohol. Lower vapor pressure of 70% alcohol increases surface contact time and therefore virus kill ratio.

This cheered me up a bit

Watch "Patti Smith giving rock & roll the shot of adrena…" on YouTube Patti Smith giving rock & roll the shot of adrena…: youtu.be/sjTGK4wICko

I am not used to seeing only a couple faces all day. I teach classes with over 100 students. I didn’t realize until now how much it energizes me and recharges my will.

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