"Faith In Nature, which sells soap and haircare products, as well as household cleaners and shampoo for dogs, says it is the first company in the world to give nature a formal vote on corporate decisions that might affect it."


"Fracking in the UK will be impossible at any meaningful scale and will not help with the energy price crisis, the founder of the UK’s first fracking company has warned."


"Licences for fracking encroach on some of the most environmentally protected areas in England including national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty."


"Scotland's policy against fracking will not change despite a ban being lifted in England, a Scottish government minister has confirmed."


"Climate change threatens the health and survival of urban trees, with more than half of species already feeling the heat, according to a new study."

"City-dwelling oaks, maples, poplars, elms, pines and chestnuts are among more than 1,000 tree species flagged at risk due to climate change."


"The government has lifted a ban on fracking for shale gas, in place since 2019 after a series of tremors, even though a review concluded that forecasting fracking-induced earthquakes “remains a scientific challenge”."


"A new £40m onshore wind farm has been granted planning permission by South Lanarkshire Council."

"Developers Banks Renewables have won approval for six large turbines at Mill Rig Wind Farm near Darvel."

"The project, which straddles the South Lanarkshire and East Ayrshire border, will have a capacity of about 36MW - enough to power about 21,000 homes."


"Over time the water collected behind dams will release greater amounts of methane, a greenhouse gas with even worse effects than carbon dioxide, according to a recent study."


"Figures from the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) show total emissions were 14.6% lower than 2020 levels."

"But it warned that without further investment the industry would miss its target to halve emissions by 2030."

"The industry insisted it had made "good progress" and was another step closer to reaching its net zero goals."


"The European Union plans to raise its target to tackle global warming under the Paris climate agreement, although the upgrade is unlikely to happen in time for this year's U.N. climate summit, according to a draft document seen by Reuters."


"About 230 whales have been stranded on Tasmania’s west coast, just days after 14 sperm whales were found beached on an island off the southeastern coast."

"The pod stranded on Ocean Beach appears to be pilot whales and at least half are presumed to still be alive, the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Tasmania said Wednesday."


"Global efforts to reduce emissions and curb rising temperatures are threatened by a lack of collaboration between countries in sharing and developing new technology, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said in a report on Tuesday."


"Software engineers in Colorado are feeding hundreds of thousands of images of the airborne clanga pomarina into an algorithm. Linked to a camera system perched atop a 10-metre tower, the trained-up neural networks of the US company IdentiFlight are expected to detect eagles approaching from a distance of up to 750 metres and electronically alert the turbine."

"The turbine will then take 20-40 seconds to wind down into “trundle mode” of no more than two rotations each minute, ideally giving the eagle plenty of time to navigate safe passage between its slowly moving blades."


"Sepa is investigating a major accidental release of one of the most potent types of greenhouse gases at a Perth meat producer."

"The environmental watchdog said the release of F-Gases (fluorinated gases) at Anglo Beef Processors UK is the second largest incident of its kind in Europe's food and drink sector."

"The release was caused by an issue with the plant's refrigeration system."


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