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@IndiaWpc@twitter.com and @AajeevikaBureau@twitter.com launched India Labourline, a one-of-a-kind dispute resolution mediation and legal aid helpline for informal and migrant workers. The event featured comments from @IJaising@twitter.com, @BabaAdhav@twitter.com and Justice AP Shah.

Press Note: tinyurl.com/yetxznzr

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Join in @ 7 pm today: @johriamrita@twitter.com in conversation with @AnandMazgaonkar@twitter.com, @anugem@twitter.com, @prasanna_s@twitter.com, @AnjaliB_@twitter.com & @DelhiSOUMYA@twitter.com as they speak about PM Cares, Electoral Bonds, Green Clearances for Mega Projects, Criminal Law Reforms, in the context of People's Right to Know. @napmindia@twitter.com

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Fascinating historical tid-bit: Kenya's independent Constitution anticipated lower house skulduggery with respect to money bills, and made specific provisions allowing the Upper House to contest the certification of money bills in court.

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BREAKING: Belgian intel says journalist @PVerlindenJst@twitter.com & spouse hacked with 's spyware.

Significantly: second EU intel agency confirming a Pegasus infection.

Forensic confirmation by @AmnestyTech@twitter.com
Story plus.lesoir.be/395505/article/

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The newly launched @sansad_tv@twitter.com comes with tagline ' Matters'
In that spirit✌️ we recommend some shows on following themes be explored:

1. Failings of Parliamentary setup & how it can be strengthened
2. Govt control on running of Parliament & how to counter it

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'Robs The Media Of Its Independence': Madras High Court Stays Rule 9 of Information Technology Rules 2021 @aaratrika_11@twitter.com livelaw.in/top-stories/madras-

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The Election Commission of India has no powers to delete voters, the ultimate authority to remove voters from the electoral lists lies with Electoral Registration Officer of constituency. With Information Technology, ECI centralizes this power and forces deletions onto EROs.

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25 years since the 1st attempt to introduce in !
Re-plugging my piece exploring how political parties remain non-committed to the cause by looking at recent debates & votes in

Link- caravanmagazine.in/politics/po

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Digipub condemns in the strongest terms the sustained pattern of intimidation against the independent news websites @newsclickin@twitter.com and @newslaundry@twitter.com

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Friendly reminder that an editor in Gujarat was slapped with 'sedition' 6 months ago for a story that was proven true today

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@prasanna_s@twitter.com "What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." (Sir Walter Scott, 'Marmion')

And second too, and all the way down, to the last turtle.

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1. Why is the CBDT worried about "facilitating strategic disinvestment"?

2. It is one thing to treat parliament like it is some rubber-stamp. A different level to say so explicitly in a government notification!

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.@newslaundry@twitter.com is a completely ad free platform β€” much of Big TV Media today works as an attack dog for those in power. We are not beholden to governments or corporations.
If you like what we do, subscribe. It’s what keeps us going.


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❗️The Government of is going against the Supreme Court of India❌

Its order has not been uploaded on any govt. website and the order itself does not lay out its factual OR geographical extent. Follow this thread πŸ‘‡πŸ½ 1/n

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Join us for Day 2 of India Counter Dialogue on UN FSS

Session 1: Food & Nutrition @ 11am IST
Session 2: Livelihoods @ 3pm IST

πŸ‘‰ For the event details, issues, speakers: tinyurl.com/eventschedulecount
πŸ‘‰ Join via Zoom, register here: tinyurl.com/counterunfss

Don't forget to tune in!

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Sign up!

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Shoutout to journalists, reporters, and media professionals!

We are thrilled to announce the , a weekly pro bono legal clinic for journalists in India in partnership with @mediatrack_in@twitter.com.

Direct 1:1 consultations with expert lawyers. Pro bono. 1/n

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Support Marginalised artists. Do contribute to this fund. Sumanasa Foundation along with Sri @tmkrishna@twitter.com has been doing a phenomenal job in helping marginalised artists during the pandemic.

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