So the correctness of Aadhaar judgment doubted and sent off to a larger bench in the judgment pronounced today.

Fediverse, please recall that review petitions are pending against the Aadhaar judgment, including on this ground!

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@prasanna_s how do u keep urself motivated and remain optimistic ?

@Onlylikethat @prasanna_s I remember reading @gautambhatia 's tweet saying "We do not have the luxury to despair", when someone asked him "How can you be so hopeful?"

Does this mean that aadhar as money bill will be scrutinized again?

Actually could never forget as my ability to comprehend and also teach distinction of the two types of bills was skewered by that judgement. Good that they are having doubts, but should not the august court have settled this issue first before proceeding to decide the Aadhaar matter... @prasanna_s

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