So much discussion on about who the authors are of the Ayodhya judgment.

Font preferences and formatting preferences certainly contain a clue.

The lead judgment is likely authored (or atleast compiled-in-chief) by Justice Chandrachud.

The addendum is likely authored by Justice Ashok Bhushan

@prasanna_s we just need to look at the meta data of the document. Maybe they left their name

DYC again tripped again....
But who wrote the operative part?

@prasanna_s I thought its just the opposite..that Bhushan wrote the judgment and DYC the addendum.

@prasanna_s There are 124 places where the spelling is "judgment" and 27 places where it is "judgement".

@prasanna_s Similarly, immovable - 24, immoveable - 36.

@prasanna_s so why does that have any relevance. It’s a group of Supreme Court justices and their collective unanimous decision is this. Each one of them are part of this history and they are complicit.

@prasanna_s and this judgement is even called 'nuanced' but how?

@prasanna_s Isn't the director of the film #modi n #shaw? Given the #bjp's Bold stand tt d SC is in their pockets?

...#judiciary SHOULD hv Refused 2 take d case; n insisted tt it b settled thro #Mediation. THEN #judiciary cd hv Maintained a gd name.

BUT, #judiciary has worked Hard @ Spoiling its own name!

@prasanna_s is it true that there is no precedence of judgment without mentioning author judges

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