So three findings emerge:

1. That the 1949 installation of idols was illegal
2. That the 1992 demolition was illegal.
3. No evidence that Babri masjid was build by *demolishing* a temple.

Who is the wronged and who is the wrongdoer again?

@prasanna_s then what is base of present verdict which legitimise an illegal occupation

@prasanna_s Whatever the facts may be, always the majority is the wronged and the minorities, the wrongdoers. And we have the gall to call ourselves a democracy!!!!

@prasanna_s If #3 emerged - what justification was given to build the Temple then?

@prasanna_s and what is the basis of the judgement? Invisible

@prasanna_s justice is what government want😁no question of wronged or wrongdoer😟see the case if chinmay anand 🙄 वो ऐश कर रहा है बिमारी का बहाना बनाके जो पीड़िता वो जेल ण घिस रही है🙄न्याय अब जिसके हाथ मे डंडा उसका😜


नया इंडिया है

यहाँ सब उल्टा पुल्टा है

जासपाल भट्टी वाला उल्टा पुल्टा

भविष्य दृष्टा लगता है अब जसपाल भट्टी

हम कामेडियन समझते थे

@prasanna_s i don't want to belittle or deny any annexation, but this is EXACTLY the same way kashmir was annexed and occupied.
370 was meant to be temporary. Everyone keeps touting this phrase but they don't know why.
It was meant to be temporary as the accession was signed and it was declared that the fate would be decided by the people.
CongRSS w/ the SC constantly delegitimised our demands by first ammending 370 unconstitutionally and then terming it as permanent. Annexation

@prasanna_s Do you now understand my despondency the other day?

@prasanna_s They effectively said - “We know wrong has been done so the solution is reward the wrongdoers”🙈🙈

@prasanna_s considering #2, one would logically expect that one of the next steps would be to initiate proceedings against the perpetrators, isn't it?

@prasanna_s The Hindu today had this. Notice the last point. That does not add up with your point #3.


> Who is the wronged and who is the wrongdoer again?

Ehh, Modi? The fasc butthurt piece of shit.

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