@prasanna_s In cases like this allowing oneself with schadenfreude is legitimate no?

Don't think they don't get it. They do, but feel only when it pinches them

@prasanna_s what she gets is her narrow self interest. her references to others is just lip service I'm sure.

@vinayaravind @prasanna_s Exactly like an afterthought or as a footnote.
“*just as* what is happening to the desperately poor people who are running around trying to prove their Indian citizenship is evil and wrong.”

@prasanna_s Just as I suspected:

“His father’s name is on the affidavit I signed. When he turned 18, I tried to apply for another indefinite visa and was advised by the officials to get a PIO card instead. This I did and nobody asked me if his father was Pakistani”

They didn’t have the four-drop rule for PIOs/ OCIs when Taseer applied for PIO. This was a rule that came 10+ years later. How fair is it to cancel a “lifelong” visa based on new rules?

@prasanna_s @nit_set it is her core attribute. It is the essence of brand Tavleen Singh.

@vinayaravind @prasanna_s @nit_set Aatish Taseer was quite a cheerleader for Modi only 5 years ago. He was pouring scorn on those who warned about Modi/RSS menace to India.. His defence of Modi was quite embarrassing to read even then.

Damn, life comes at you fast nowadays...

@nit_set @prasanna_s Yeah. Had Shah came on line and gave her a spl hearing, all would have been fine and hunky dory in Madam's La La Land.

@amarsharma @nit_set @prasanna_s exactly!

Even now, most new converts opened their eyes only to economic woes (that affected them); not to suppression of justice and ethics

@prasanna_s Are we heading towards a country where everyone should prove themselves how patriotic they are(or their citizenship) to everyone , everytime, everywhere.???🤔🤔
I hope our(mostodions) citizenship can't be touched being migrated to @mostodon from @Birdsite ...😂

@Kattmandige @prasanna_s @mostodon @Birdsite True 😔😔😔 but it is not the state that forefathers dreamt of..! We should protect their dream of Idea of India which lasted thousands of years with more and more inclusiveness and re discovered it's Idea against all odds..! I hope this will also pass...

@Nagaraju_Peramasani @prasanna_s @mostodon @Birdsite the idea of India started only with independence,I agree we must strive to achieve the dreams of the founding fathers of this nation. But I don’t think they ever imagined that a few men would destroy India from within in their lust for power

@prasanna_s How does she get it? She's still ranting about why she should've gotten special treatment and even in this self pitying soliloquy, she manages to put in that she thought Taseer's article was inaccurate and also take a swipe at Rahul Gandhi. As recently as two weeks back she was singing Hindutva paeans . She doesn't get it, she's just upset that unlike Swapan, Gurumurthy, etc, she didn't qualify for special treatment.

@prasanna_s der aaye durust aaye? This is such sheer entitlement. 'Till it doesn't affect me I won't acknowledge'.

@prasanna_s she's invested so deeply into voldemort, wonder if she can escape. Even for beloved beta.

@prasanna_s she's just upset because she didn't get a free pass in recognition of her services.

@prasanna_s "Somewhat" is right. She played the "abla nari" card while giving reasons for not going to court. The tone of the article is -" I have hope, they will listen to my woes and consider restoring OCI"

@prasanna_s She's only venting because she was ignored. If the government had resolved the issue then she would've gone back to her old ways. Besides, Taseer was himself a Modi fanboy and cheered his ascendancy. What he didn't realize was that ranga billa are beyond petty and extremely vindictive.

@prasanna_s She is a bigot of highest order! She wont ever get it...

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