How long before we all quit birdsite?

@prasanna_s I really need some of my favorite sources of credible news here before completely committing to this platform. For everything related to law, you guys are already here. Hope others make the switch soon.

@prasanna_s i think we need to be more patient than that till substantial number join this platform with various thought forms or else it will be only a people of alike without much scope for any narrative to evolve or spread and we may tend to build bubble around ourselves.

@prasanna_s I only use it to 'advertise' for mstdn so that the people get aware of it's existance 馃檪

@prasanna_s What if #birdsite silently takes over this in the background without our knowledge?

The poll by @prasanna_s has ended. Ahh we have 22 % skeptics who think that we cant all quit the #birdsite ever! Lets prove them wrong 鉁

Please be active, bring your friends and family and help them with the onboarding process.

@pavi @prasanna_s i wish bird site a long life, to the point they join #Fediverse, something like what MS did in dissing *nix first, but eventually embracing them

@logic @pavi @prasanna_s My opinion as well. That's one reason why I have setup cross posting.

@prasanna_s will take around 15 days. How to transfer bookmarks. Shall appreciate if you could guide

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