VG next point: Review Committee to review these orders within five days is mandatory under the Rules. No averment in any affidavits that there has been any review of these shutdown orders.

So FRs of an entire State has been taken away by a process where orders are overbroad, vague, disproportionate, without reasons issued by an incompetent authority who is a police officer, and no review committee constituted or reviewed.

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@prasanna_s OMG this thread is brilliant.!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘

@lesharma @prasanna_s It took 3 months for SC to hear a fundamental rights case

@prasanna_s One of the reasons for being on Twitter was - these threads from Prasanna & also Gautam. If i get it here & when even @Memeghnad is here- what else a poor lawyer could ask for ??

@prasanna_s Justice Ramanna states not all the seven million people are terrorists .. it has to be categorised .. Restriction and Prohibition are different aspects ..

@prasanna_s aren't the restrictions being eased? Are the fundamental rights abrogated there? How?

@prasanna_s KS argues if you want to Restrict my Right first you need to protect my right. .. RESTRICT MY RIGHT IN ORDER TO PROTECT MY RIGHT..!!

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