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So wil welcome you with a tutorial.

In you can see 3 timelines

HOME is like our Twitter TL - from the people you are following.

LOCAL- Public posts from the people in your instance

FEDERATED - public posts from other instances

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If the 2018 ruling stays, Pinarayi Vijayan govt is duty bound to facilitate women entry in the upcoming #Sabarimala season. The right wing (BJP, Congress & others) will concoct another session of violent drama to milk the situation.

Why can't the SC stay the 2018 ruling if it's "confused" about the decision? Shouldn't the judiciary have the basic responsibility support the executive maintaining the law and order?


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Left: There is a strong case for public and universal education. Attempts to make campuses inaccessible to people must be protested strongly.

Right: Look at these evil kids, they vandalised a statue.

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By a happy coincidence, was in this drawing room yesterday and was told the history of Sharif Manzil dating back to 1720 @ranasafvi

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Creating things is easy.

Creating things secure and safely is a different matter but certainly needed more than anything I think 🔒

So the correctness of Aadhaar judgment doubted and sent off to a larger bench in the judgment pronounced today.

Fediverse, please recall that review petitions are pending against the Aadhaar judgment, including on this ground!

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Why did we start moving from the is now well knoan. But what can we do to make better and not repeat the mistakes of . Some thoughts in a

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@prasanna_s. not me.
There are many active users from as my friends active in Mastodon.

My federated Foss journey had ups and downs from, diaspora and mastodon. My role may be limited to suggesting an alternate option at a impactful group.


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@anivar @prasanna_s @Nitxie I know engineers and I work with one who've been on Mastadon for a very long time. Some of them are admins of instances too.

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Nahhhh.... @BLUW Its just a phase... All credit goes to some like @prasanna_s @digitaldutta @nixxin who understand this game.... Rest just followed them - so i hope the millage of this trend depends on these few people who set this trend in the first place & can fuel it further in RiotChat insted of mobile no. based centralized Signal app which sets the upper threshold now outside the Facebook's owned WhatsApp's world of pseudo security...

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We have some good news for users! 😄

I just got message that we are added to the database, you can verify yourself now!

No Keybase yet? See

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@umair @drkarthik @Gargron
Twitter and Facebook does not have any specific clause on 'casteism' , even though it has millions of Indian users. But @Gargron upped his game by adding the clause on casteism.
Special credit goes to @h_tejas for giving Eugene the idea for doing so 😊

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Why is the every third toot on my TL a link to Birdsite? -_-

Came here to escape that blasted thing. If you want to share stuff from there, please do screenshots.

Links will just lead to the app and start the whole "check notification > check TL > tweet > check notification" cycle.

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