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What if we put Mario's head on top of Garfield's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

Le mot du jour est "azuki": "Le haricot azuki ou haricot rouge du Japon, parfois appelé à tort soja rouge, est une espèce de plante annuelle grimpante de la famille des légumineuses."

I put the brave hat on and decided to fully invest my time and efforts to become a professionnal illustrator! Wish me luck!

Déjà qu'être chômeur de longue durée c'est dur, mais quand en plus Pôle Emploi vient te proposer une formation d'Usineur à Romilly-sur-Seine quand tu veux être artiste, c'est dur de pas tomber en dépression! L'art de vendre du rêve...

Le mot du jour est "mucilage" : "Substance particulièrement répandue dans les racines de guimauve et les graines de lin, les lichens et les algues, qui se gonfle au contact de l'eau sans s'y dissoudre mais en formant une matière visqueuse, comparable à la gomme, et dont les propriétés épaississantes la font utiliser en médecine."

What if we put Dracula's head on top of Chun Li's body! 

@headswap Dracu Li!

@AlexWolfe I don't know what's the funniest about this, new recipes to try or vegan puns? :D I hope the health got much better!

Thermae Romae Novae is such a great anime! Watch it on Netflix

@AlexWolfe Yeah, library could be helpful. Also it looks like the websites and blogs and online diet advising are numerous! It should help.

@AlexWolfe We struggle to understand what products will fill our nutrients needs. Fresh veggies and fruits are easily found.But choosing the adequate type of tofu or size of pea chicks boxes is a bit more complicated. We also have to introduce cereals and seeds we are not used to to the menu.
We have so much to learn! We have to test vegan meat-like products, like soy and wheat nuggets.
There are many products we just started hearing of and that can be found in shops we don't usually go to, like tahani and tempeh.
We end up confused, surrounded by an omnivorous world and it's quite the challenge to figure out what is the best to put in the basket!

Today is the first day we did groceries as vegan-to-be🧆 . I got anxious when I realized I didn't know what quantities we needed, what is available, what is cheap, what is not in the supermarket, what we should start with.
We do need simple recipes fast!
We finish the meats still in the fridge until then.

Avec mon chat il faut "montrer patte propre", c'est-à-dire qu'elle ne se laisse caresser qu'après avoir reniflé la main! :D

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