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I believe one must take into themselves the human experience from not just their own culture/parents, but that of the cultures from around the world. Incorporating the best from each place. Music, poems, heart, movies, philosophies, parties, everything.


Got a dodgy spam email threatening to expose my search history. Go ahead. I’m not that interesting, to demonstrate this my last 3 searches were:

- How old is Daniel Larusso actor?
- Is wombat poo square?
- Oat milk flat white calories?

(Oh…btw…answers: 60!!!, yes!, 127)


I'm finally getting ready to maybe start doing interviews again. I have four more until I get to 100, and on the 100th I'm gonna do the first returning guest interview with
However the three before will still be 1st timers, and after the 100th I'll be doing a mix

That I might have to rebrand it so that I don't into legal trouble down the line. Just in case.

what I went with as an initial idea is "" as a way to make it unique, and still relate to my personal brand as a whole too. (FINAL PART)

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To be able to understand okay this is a video, and this is a multi-format episode, and get the difference between the two. I often add more stuff to the blog post for example. I was thinking though that since I Want to extend the OmniContent to my newsletter series (PART 3)....

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The idea of content creation is nothing new, and my OmniContent is just another way of saying into all three formats of written/video/audio. It doesn't really matter the branding of it per se, but I wanted to make it easier for my viewers (PART 2)

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I've been making my "" since my start as a video creator. However there is a company that uses that term, in a more corporate style way, but I presume they have it marked. I'm not sure if I continue to use it that it will ever be a problem however.... (PART 1)

I understand this mentality. It is hard to be a creator, let alone a successful one like Poki. I hope she is able to grow in the ways she wants to over the next few years!

"why i took a break + what's next for me"

I just found out that Vincent Van Gogh didn't start painting until he was 27... I'm 27. 😮

Growing up in both American and Mexican cultures, being obsessed w Bollywood, studying philosophy from all over the world, and loving geography. Even learning all sorts of languages (need to get fluent!). Has lead me to be a multicultural person, but I still so much more to learn

Well I caved after a week and redownloaded insta and TikTok 😬 still no twit or FB tho

My current tech stack

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