.@MichellePhan@twitter.com has one of the coolest websites I have ever seen. michellephan.com/ and I'm not just saying that since I am a lol

Intuit bought Mailchimp??? And I thought I didn't like it before 😂

I'm on a mission to create a 😈

The Content Tsunami of an 8-Figure Media Empire - Media Empire Pt 5 youtu.be/sMiXtQVJlpo

I swear if I see another dang wordle thing on my feed 😤

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Ever wondered why your voice sounds so different on recordings?

According to @nbhattmd@twitter.com, when you speak, much of the sound is internally conducted through bone. This boosts the lower frequencies, making your voice sound richer and deeper.

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I'm super interested in someone recreating with . I will do all of the frontend and organizing, but I need someone technical. 😅 Truly collectible creatures.

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Content repurposing is the key to publishing more consistently, in less time, and with less effort.

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I disagree @garyvee@twitter.com, by the time we are at your young age, theres a lot of things we couldve accomplished. I mean look at your life, you did more than most. We may be young & impatient but we're hungry 4 success😎

You haven’t started.. if you’re under 35: youtu.be/7DnmCmbxGW0

Here's a midnight tweet, that I'll probably delete in the morning. I need to stop watching Bollywood movies cause they keep making me into a sappy hopeful romantic. 😩


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“In Western society the career takes precedence. Learning has become instrumental to professional work rather than something we do for the love of it.”

🎧 @ZahraDavidson@twitter.com chats linky brains & interdisciplinary lifestyles over on the @polyinnovator@twitter.com podcast


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How to Create a Newsletter like Trends and Morning Brew youtu.be/vP6jEspGGts via @_docwilliams@twitter.com

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Not sure how to maximize all the time and effort you spent writing epic blog posts?

Not sure you have enough content ideas for a podcast?

You do!

Here are 5 easy steps to repurpose your best blog posts into compelling podcast episodes.

A thread 🧵

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The is my take on a or for let alone too. Just systematizing in a modern way, for content and (not the programming, but actually learning something deeply lol)

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So much planned. Starting out the business side of PolyInnovator, need to be sustainable. Still offering a ton of free content of course, but offering amazing paid PolyPRO stuff too.

In addition truly starting the newsletter.

Then releasing the template and

Relearning how to make a

This is How a Newsletter with 2 Million Subs Makes Money youtu.be/ACPDXGmhGWo via @saradietschy@twitter.com

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@polyinnovator@twitter.com It's always great to see how similar topics are discussed around the world. This allows us to grasp a better understanding of the podcasting community from all around.

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