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Shockingly & unbelievably wicked. Dressing up as Muslims and pelting stones to give protests a bad name. twitter.com/DilliDurAst/status

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/sagarikaghose/stat

When every check and balances created by our Constitution failed us, we never reacted & silently suffered the brutality!

Politics degraded as cattle trade and it is revelled as Chanakya strategy by opinion makers!

How can we point fingers at the young for our slave mentality

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@ConradBarwa Not just a mass murderer but one who allowed gang rapes of even children and then placed many of those who were involved in positions of power

@Snehal_rasal @musafir Absolutely shameless president. A real disgrace to the position that he holds

A truly inspiring story of journalistic enterprise and commitment in #CAB -hit NaMo times from Frontline's Sushanta Talukdar: He somehow managed to dictate the entire story to his son in Jodhpur. The son accessed his father's email to file his copy. Read it in forthcoming @frontline_india

Talking about AI, isn't it about time we replaced the current Indian president with a script which just hits a rubber stamp?

@aashiks @praveen Zainep's approach uses AI which has its problems in a legal scenario. Decision trees are already being used in legal scenarios and it is a lot easier to tell how a decision was arrived at:

@aashiks @praveen A fully open source solution where the rules are human readable and clear and which can be tested should work ok. Also, this is just a decision support system. The judge ultimately decides on the judgement.

There are a number of existing opensource rules engines. Ex: Drools.

@aashiks @praveen We don't necessarily need an AI driven system.. A simple system which processes a decision tree based on a rule engine should be sufficient.

@obscurosaur@mastodon.social @sanjayuvacha The system could function like a decision support system which advises the judge/jury but the ultimate judgement will come from a human. This is similar to the decision support systems used in other areas - example, in healthcare.

@aashiks @praveen A lot of legal process is actually quite easily definable via a decision tree.

Example: If a person is squatting on property, then a few questions about who is the actual owner of the property, whether there is an existing valid legally binding rental agreement etc can all lead to the correct decision support for the judge - that, this person is indeed an illegal squatter and should be asked to vacate the property.

@praveen True, but I am referring only to automating some aspects of the legal process to speed justice delivery. Social problems cannot be solved through automation.

@sanjayuvacha May be a crazy question, but wouldn't the judiciary benefit from having a rules-based decision tree software for entering the arguments in the case, and answering questions? Both sides in a case can enter their answers as they are taken through the questions by the engine.

This s/w could also support entering supporting evidence, documents etc.

This engine could then advise the judge on what the decision ought to be?

@praveen For instance, for a case where a tenant is squatting on a property, the landlord could initiate a case for illegal squatting and that specified decision tree logic will then ask him a series of questions and also ask him to furnish a set of pre-authenticated documents.

The tenant will receive a notification and they will be able to counter with their own answers (via the decision tree logic) and also present their own documents to support their case.

After this the court can step in

@praveen I think the legal system could use a software with a built in rules engine for allowing both sides to enter answer a series of questions using a decision tree and with an ability to scan and upload pre-authenticated documents to support their statements.

If such a system included a decision-tree based logic for at least informing the judge as to which side is legally right or not, I wonder if this wouldn't drastically lower the time it takes for cases to go through the court system.

@praveen Yes, the entire judicial system needs to be overhauled. In the vast majority of cases, the judicial system simply does not work. This is something very few people are willing to acknowledge - especially the courts themselves.

A working judicial system would have the following characteristics:

Cases must be tried and completed without the huge delays that we are seeing now.

Interview: Why Harsher Criminal Laws Won't Make Sexual Violence Go Away

When laws are not implemented, there is a temptation to ask for more draconian laws that are implemented even less, because of the bad conscience this may give judges, while compromising the right to fair trial guaranteed under our constitution and overcriminalising consensual sexual relations at a time when sexual mores are undergoing a dramatic change.


#rape #india

@Almas @obscurosaur@mastodon.social The term "disbeliever" may also refer to those who don't believe in this specific deity but who may not be atheistic or agnostic.

@obscurosaur@mastodon.social The absence of record does not in anyway rule out the existence of atheism. Fact is, there are ancient religious texts warning against atheistic beliefs - indicating that there were people holding those beliefs.

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