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Shockingly & unbelievably wicked. Dressing up as Muslims and pelting stones to give protests a bad name. twitter.com/DilliDurAst/status

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When every check and balances created by our Constitution failed us, we never reacted & silently suffered the brutality!

Politics degraded as cattle trade and it is revelled as Chanakya strategy by opinion makers!

How can we point fingers at the young for our slave mentality

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A truly inspiring story of journalistic enterprise and commitment in #CAB -hit NaMo times from Frontline's Sushanta Talukdar: He somehow managed to dictate the entire story to his son in Jodhpur. The son accessed his father's email to file his copy. Read it in forthcoming @frontline_india

Talking about AI, isn't it about time we replaced the current Indian president with a script which just hits a rubber stamp?

@sanjayuvacha May be a crazy question, but wouldn't the judiciary benefit from having a rules-based decision tree software for entering the arguments in the case, and answering questions? Both sides in a case can enter their answers as they are taken through the questions by the engine.

This s/w could also support entering supporting evidence, documents etc.

This engine could then advise the judge on what the decision ought to be?

Interview: Why Harsher Criminal Laws Won't Make Sexual Violence Go Away

When laws are not implemented, there is a temptation to ask for more draconian laws that are implemented even less, because of the bad conscience this may give judges, while compromising the right to fair trial guaranteed under our constitution and overcriminalising consensual sexual relations at a time when sexual mores are undergoing a dramatic change.


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@forkedtongue7 Perhaps it is more helpful to think of India as on a spectrum between a secular nation and a Hindu Rashtra. By most measures, it has moved closer to the Hindu Rashtra ideal in the last 5+ years, certainly. That has had serious implications for religious freedom, peoples' livelihoods, and some peoples' very lives. Will the BJP change India's constitution? I have no idea. They are already dramatically changing India, however, so a constitutional change is not the only mechanism.

Karan Thapar has surpassed himself by taking Mukul Rohatgi to the cleaners,by suggesting that the BJP-appointed governor,prime minister & president ,moved in suspicious midnight haste in violation of the spirit of the constitution. They acted in a way which the situation did not warrant; betraying their oath of office as well as the people of India.

Rohatgi ends with egg all over his face.
Bravo bravo bravo, Karan!

No matter which social network you're on, following a diverse group of people helps you taking a peek at the other side of your personal filter bubble.

You don't have to agree with everything and everyone, but please, at least try to listen to people and their opinions.

It will help you appreciate your own life, and may just make you a little wiser.

Hey folks, Anyone working with agriculture and farmers' issues on this platform? Specifically in the area of training, livelihood, market access?

We work on these issues (www.onefield.in). Would love to connect.

Was privileged to speak on behalf of One Field at the Quest workshop organised by the excellent Project Ripple team.


Project Ripple is a great initiative to mobilise youngsters to take on and solve social issues while still advancing in their career.



So Fadnavis has resigned. #MaharashtraPoliticalDrama

Fadnavis at presser: BJP had decided from the first day that we will not indulge in horse trading.


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Just one question: would/should the governor BHAGAT Singh Koshiyari now resign too? And what of those who pushed him to go in for a surgical strike pre dawn swearing in? And remember this constitutional subversion goes right up to the highest constitutional post!!

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If there was any ethics in public life, not only Fadnavis, but RSS man Koshiyari & Kovind along with Amit Shah&Modi should resign after this brazen power grab&Maha fiasco. If there was any ethics in media, those who called this masterstroke or chanakya politics should also resign

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Proof of pudding is in eating: Manmohan’s dig at Modi hailing Constitution

Modi does so much bhashan (monologues) and not one sentence is remembered by anyone 🤣

But when MMS chose to speak once in a while, it will be so powerful and became historical!


Did you hear about that robbery? It was a daylight robbery, but in civilised India, the crowd that gathered around the house that had been robbed was full of praises for the robber and the way he executed the robbery. It was a "masterstroke", said the morally handicapped crowd.

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My sister, mother, nieces, female cousins sometimes don't pick up the calls and I get annoyed. I found out the reason. Lack of pockets/deep pockets.

Seriously women, get pockets. Fcuk patriarchy and get really deep pockets. It makes life so much easier.

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If BJP manages & becomes successful in buy NCP MLAs, just imagine the kind of havoc will be unleashed by Shivsena & NCP cadres.
These both parties are not like Congress to allow things let go so easily. They take revenge without any delay.

@citrustwee please do, he is our favourite and talking against upper caste is not casteism

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