And another by @mondstern for my addon !

🇪🇸 Basque
🇧🇦 Bosnian
🇭🇷 Croatian
🇩🇰 Danish
🌐 Esperanto
🇮🇩 Indonesian
🇱🇹 Lithuanian
🇱🇺 Luxembourgish

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My has been updated to v1.10 with new translations by @mondstern:

🇨🇿 Czech
🇱🇻 Latvian
🇷🇴 Romanian
🇻🇳 Vietnamese
🌐 belarusian
🌐 russian

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Thanks to @mondstern my Text Encryptor is now also available in 🇺🇦 !

люто засуджує війну винищення проти будь -якої гуманності та стоїть з Україною!

I have just released a new version of my addon Text Encryptor!

Also, many thanks to @mondstern for adding multiple new translations! ❤️

🇳🇱 Dutch
🇪🇪 Estonian
🇫🇮 Finnish
🇫🇷 Occitan
🇵🇱 Polish

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Using my addon Text Encryptor, you can encrypt confidential messages as easy as never before with – the most secure algorithm in the world!

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:gitea: Source Code hosted @codeberg
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As you might have noticed, Mozilla had taken it down a few months ago, because it contained a minified version of Evan Vosberg's library from . Due to my schedule I hadn't been able to fix this before 's deadline.

However, yesterday, I've finally had time to re-implement CryptoJS using the package manager and to submit a new version of – which, in fact, was approved today!