While doesn't violate free licences (see ⬆️), there are plenty of reasons to anyway. Here are a few:

1. Since we're developers, our tools should be too.
2. Monopolies are never a good idea.
3. By using a walled garden, we're excluding potential contributors.
4. By using products, we're supporting a producer of malware and an collaborator.

Instead, we should switch to platforms running @gitea, such as @codeberg. Also, @dachary and others are already working hard on federation in the @forgefriends project.

Read more on the blog: forgoodeyesonly.codeberg.page/

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Do you have any questions about my ? Maybe they're answered by the FAQ page: forgoodeyesonly.codeberg.page/

If not, don't hesitate to ask me directly. ☺️

The Licence’s now also has a 404 error page! Thanks to @codeberg for the awesome feature! 😍

The 404 page will always be shown when a page can't be found, for example because the address is incorrect: forgoodeyesonly.codeberg.page/

Wow, the website also received a 98 performance score for desktop browsers! 😄

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Finally, I can officially announce my new project: ! It's a collection of 🇩🇪 grammar mistakes with a concise summary for each rule.

Follow @grammle and visit its website: grammle.codeberg.page 😎

Of course, its source code is hosted at and licensed under v0.2: codeberg.org/Grammle/Grammle 😉

I'm pleased to announce that my now has its very own website! I'm especially proud of the -only animation on the landing page. 😉


Source Code on

Currently working on a small website for my Licence. Gotta say I'm already feeling like da fuckin' grandmaster of animations.