Why GitHub doesn’t violate free software licences

🔗 forgoodeyesonly.codeberg.page/

’s new code completion is an trained using . Many see this as a copyright infringement of licences, but this is dangerous half-knowledge. Read here why this is the case and why stricter law won’t get us anywhere.

The Licence’s now also has a 404 error page! Thanks to @codeberg for the awesome feature! 😍

The 404 page will always be shown when a page can't be found, for example because the address is incorrect: forgoodeyesonly.codeberg.page/

Merging and minifying all the or assets and the pages as well as resizing the images and converting them to really pays off if it's done correctly. 🥳

This is the loading speed of my 🇩🇪 project which got a performance score of 💯 from Google for desktop browsers. 🥳

Also, thanks to @Mawoka for suggesting image optimisation!

Here's something that I designed for but consider publishing as a stand-alone feature, if others would like to use it too: “Social widgets” for @Mastodon, @keyoxide and @matrix

Oh, and the labels above the widgets are clickable and open the respective project's main website :blobcatgiggle:

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Here's a screenshot of an upcoming 🇩🇪 project. What could it be? 🤔 I replaced some of the text with placeholders in order not to reveal too much. 😉

I've been working on this more or less regularly for a couple of weeks now. Initially, I planned to publish it even before Easter, but bugs and ideas for new features kept emerging. While I'm still far from finished, I think it will soon be time for a first .

With version 2.6 of my you can now add link URLs by right-clicking on them. Also, the contains a new 🌧️ by @mondstern:

🇭🇷 Croatian
🌐 Esperanto
🇮🇩 Indonesian
🇮🇹 Italian
🇱🇺 Luxembourgish
🇳🇴 Norwegian (Bokmål)
🇷🇸 Serbian
🇮🇩 Sundanese
🇻🇳 Vietnamese
🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Welsh
🌐 russian

:firefox: Download from
:gitea: Source code hosted on
🌐 Translate on

Thanks to @mondstern my Text Encryptor is now also available in 🇺🇦 !

люто засуджує війну винищення проти будь -якої гуманності та стоїть з Україною!


Here are some of my :firefox: addon accumulated by :


  • 3 weekly downloads
  • 14 daily users

Top Firefox version:

  • 76% use version 99
  • 18% use version 100

Top OS:

Top Firefox languages:

  • 63% 🇬🇧 English
  • 15% 🇵🇹 Portuguese

I have just released a new version of my addon Text Encryptor!

Also, many thanks to @mondstern for adding multiple new translations! ❤️

🇳🇱 Dutch
🇪🇪 Estonian
🇫🇮 Finnish
🇫🇷 Occitan
🇵🇱 Polish

:firefox: Download
:gitea: Source code hosted @codeberg
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Using my addon Text Encryptor, you can encrypt confidential messages as easy as never before with – the most secure algorithm in the world!

:firefox: Download
:gitea: Source Code hosted @codeberg
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As you might have noticed, Mozilla had taken it down a few months ago, because it contained a minified version of Evan Vosberg's library from . Due to my schedule I hadn't been able to fix this before 's deadline.

However, yesterday, I've finally had time to re-implement CryptoJS using the package manager and to submit a new version of – which, in fact, was approved today!

Do you have multiple open in your all the time and don't want to re-open them after every restart?

Then check out my :firefox: addon ! It lets you open several websites at once with only one click and store them locally.

Today, it got a major to version 2.1 🔄

  • new option to pin only specific tabs
  • new option to enter URLs by hitting the enter key inside the input field
  • removed “delete” button from popup to avoid accidents
  • internal complete refactor increasing maintainability and readability
  • can be translated via

:gitea:Source Code
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Have you ever wanted to see whether your friends, relatives or colleagues would fall for ?

If you send them a fake “phishing” you can link to instead of an actually malicious website, e.g.: “Click here to log in to your :amazon: Amazon account.”

PhishWarn is an educational page that warns the user that they'd have fallen prey to a (if it had been real), and informs them how they can protect themselves in the future. 🛡️

🔗 phishwarn.codeberg.page

PhishWarn is available in 🇬🇧 English and 🇩🇪 German. It's based on and its source code is hosted @codeberg: 🔗 codeberg.org/PhishWarn/PhishWa