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Mostly, developers trust contributors not to sue them for infringement. In order to prevent issues, you should apply a so-called Contributor Agreement or .

I just created an ethical one:

If you've got a website and you're like me, you're always a bit annoyed by having to run multiple console commands just for uploading a single change.

That's why I created .sh which combines everything into a single command! 😎

hosted @codeberg:

After converting all images to and minifying all the and assets, got a performance score of 💯 from for desktop browsers! 🥳


Did you know that automatically adjusts its theme to your system settings? That's why it's now listed on! 😎


@pixelcodeapps I argue Microsoft are cunts and can go fuck themselves.

While doesn't violate free licences (see ⬆️), there are plenty of reasons to anyway. Here are a few:

1. Since we're developers, our tools should be too.
2. Monopolies are never a good idea.
3. By using a walled garden, we're excluding potential contributors.
4. By using products, we're supporting a producer of malware and an collaborator.

Instead, we should switch to platforms running @gitea, such as @codeberg. Also, @dachary and others are already working hard on federation in the @forgefriends project.

Read more on the blog:

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  1. Scraping code simply isn't a infringement.
  2. outputs are no derivative works.
  3. As an artificial machine, Copilot is not an author in the meaning of copyright.
  4. doesn’t even claim copyright in the outputs.
  5. The outputs don’t reach the necessary level of creation to be copyright-protected.
  6. The AI's complexity is irrelevant for the protection of the outputs.
  7. GitHub's terms of use override the repo licences.
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Why GitHub doesn’t violate free software licences


’s new code completion is an trained using . Many see this as a copyright infringement of licences, but this is dangerous half-knowledge. Read here why this is the case and why stricter law won’t get us anywhere.

Do you have any questions about my ? Maybe they're answered by the FAQ page:

If not, don't hesitate to ask me directly. ☺️

The Licence’s now also has a 404 error page! Thanks to @codeberg for the awesome feature! 😍

The 404 page will always be shown when a page can't be found, for example because the address is incorrect:

Wow, the website also received a 98 performance score for desktop browsers! 😄

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Merging and minifying all the or assets and the pages as well as resizing the images and converting them to really pays off if it's done correctly. 🥳

This is the loading speed of my 🇩🇪 project which got a performance score of 💯 from Google for desktop browsers. 🥳

Also, thanks to @Mawoka for suggesting image optimisation!

Finally, I can officially announce my new project: ! It's a collection of 🇩🇪 grammar mistakes with a concise summary for each rule.

Follow @grammle and visit its website: 😎

Of course, its source code is hosted at and licensed under v0.2: 😉

I don't make my addons available for other , namely Chromium-based ones, mainly because I don't want to unnecessarily encourage people to use -invading .

For example, as I learned today, there is a way of tracking users by analysing what addons they have installed:

Please do yourself a favour and visit in desktop – it's so astonishing! 🤯 I'm already wondering how I can implement this in my own websites! 😄

Hey, developers: Don't want your 's fixed header to cover your headline when clicking on an anchor link?

Simply use the property scroll-padding-top and set it to your header's height!

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