I was surprised about the "Epidemic of inner harshness". Do so many people really beat themselves up internally like that?

I've never done that so it was quite an intriguing thing to hear.

@paulkater yes. And it makes me ever so happy to hear that this is such a surprise to you!

@helenaroth When I heard this piece, this morning during my walk, I stopped and listened to it again. And I still can't wrap my head around it. Maybe I've been born a stoic or an eternally optimistic person, but... goodness...

I'm sorry for everyone who goes through that. And I'm very glad you found a way out of it.

As you said: We are humans. We should be human.
For me, that means making the best of it, and not talk yourself down. (We have plenty of others who do that, right? ;-) )

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