. A question/#research.
If a box with valuable papers, e.g. bonds, is found, after how many years would those papers become property of the finder instead of the original owner?
Does anyone know?

@paulkater I have a feeling the answer will depend on the country in which the story is set. In the US, it will also depend on where and how the documents were found.

@lfarnsworth The story will be set in the US, location rather undetermined as yet. I'll figure something out, and if I run into problems I'll shout again. 🙂

@paulkater In case it helps: In the US, if the documents are in something someone purchased (e.g., real estate, a box/piece of furniture, storage shed, etc.), they are immediately the property of the purchaser, even if the purchaser didn't know they were in there at the time of purchase.

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