Meet Cooper. He’s 17 & he gets whatever he wants bc he’s my angel & honestly: look at him.

I hope the photos show up ok bc I can’t see a way to edit them after linking them. Is that something I should do before posting?

@heyrochelle Pictures are there just fine, and he's a beauty!
This is my black cat Nera, she's 14.

@paulkater Nera is beautiful! Cooper is 17, he’s a brown Burmese & we felt very lucky to get to re-home him when he was 2.


@heyrochelle Lucky all of you! 15 years of happiness together is amazing. <3

Nera and Mylo came to me 10 months ago. Their previous keeper was very ill and couldn't take care of them any more, so a friend of him looked for another home for the two. I'm so happy they ended up here.

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