Still, I have not found any Indonesian people in this web. Please boost so any Indonesian can follow and meet me.

Time for my

I ate reasonably well today

I did an hour or so in the churchyard tidying one spot and now my variegated pineapple lily is in sight

I’m having an early night with Leonard


1. Summer skorts from last year still fit comfortably.
2. Found dog-friendly coastal area to beat the heat.
3. The modern miracle of central air for when we had to come home and it’s still “a scorcher” outside. @3goodthings

#3GoodThings @3goodthings

1) appt for routine checkup thing went very smoothly (bonus points for the nurse for noticing my preferred name on record and correcting to use it).
2) new work are ordering track ball for me.
3) there were lots of very reduced sandwiches in the coop so I splurged on chipshop chips and we had posh sandwiches and chips for dinner.

today the weeds became so sick at heart they threw then selves onto the machine and destroyed the weedwhacker. how nieve are we to challenge nature?

Today's #3goodthings

* Made some bread that I really like, AND got some cooking done.

* Managed to get some laundry done.

* Improved my mood by the end of the day, which is a big achievement compared to what used to happen, where I'd spiral.


#3GoodThings @3goodthings

1️⃣ DD's middle of the night meltdown set her up for the day, and she's been perfectly happy, today. Must have got it out of her system, whatever it was.

2️⃣ Didn't get wet on our walk, which was pretty jammy, considering how much it has rained today.

3️⃣ Got through all the jobs I needed to do, today - laundry, dishes, etc - and read the last section of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children in time to grill DS about it, tomorrow.

My today

Via Google translate my Polish neighbour and I chose a plant to put in the churchyard so she can see it from her garden - honeysuckle

I was reminded that counting your blessings in your head is okay, writing them down is better but speaking them out loud to yourself, to someone else or on here as is better

My bat box is being put up for me next week


Really struggling with all the negatives today. Think I need to focus on @3goodthings for some positive energy 1) baby long tailed tits in the garden 2) dog’s snores 3) talking to bees

My today

1) I got things done but I also got rest

2) I saved nearly £3 on grocery shopping using a loyalty card then another £5 on grocery shopping from a promotion on an app I use

3) I watched live tv for a change and it was pleasantly weird


I’ve been neglecting the because life has been frantic but I’ve for a lovely one today.

This is Phlomis russeliana aka Turkish sage - there’s lots of information on this wiki page

I went for a long walk to check out the steepness for a future running route

My neighbour made me a wind shield for the outdoors tomatoes ( trust me it gets windy here)

I made roasted butternut squash risotto for tea

#3goodthings @3goodthings

1. Got to get some extra sleep today
2. The weather was really nice and sunny for a bit
3. Having a grand old time watching Stranger Things season 4

I know it's early but I've had such a nice Saturday
#3goodthings @3goodthings
🌼🏵️ Went to the garden centre and bought some flowers for the tubs in the garden.
🍾🍊 Drank mimosas in the garden till I felt tipsy
🍜🥡Left over Chinese food for lunch (kung po chicken and Singapore noodles)

🐒👑📀Bonus! My boxed set of 70s Monkey dvds arrived!


1) I had a little picnic with a friend and her young children in the churchyard

2) I’m having curry for dinner

3) Leonard hasn’t coughed at all today so in 14 days time he can have a lovely play date with his favourite girlie


"Alpha Male" the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixing. Unstable and not suitable for the public.

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