All options to create new vm has been greyed out for free trial user

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- 775% increase of cloud service
- 44M daily users in Microsoft Team that generated 900M meetings DAILY
- 3x increase of Windows VM usage
- 42% increase of PowerBI for covid-19 related dashboard

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Microsoft Azure ended their free offers temporarily in order to combat COVID-19 they relocated their resources

Webshare getting more and more expensive lol , i remember i bought 5k proxies plan for $20 now its $120 , at this price its better to buy luminati lol

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Just a heads up, my computer running Rosetta@Home while plugged in to power source lasted about 4 days before dying.

A recent MBP w/ R@H running will use more power than it can bring in. Not much, but enough that after a few days of running constantly, it will drain your battery even though it's plugged in.

Since malwarebytes and eset did security update , ive been using kaspersky but didn't like it that much because its too strict. Now i've found the right AV to workalong with and also crackable 😁

so thats why i cant connect to my proxies for the last few days

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First time using mastodon , might consider to move here permanently if twitter implement stories feature.


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