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What is the difference between "Home" and "Local timeline" in the web app?

There is a lot of advice about not going to demonstrations or strikes with a mobile phone. And not to rely on so-called "secure" applications.

**Don't take your smartwatch either!**
This watch is scanned by your phone to know where you are! With all your vital signs!

Not to mention that their access to "secure" servers is regularly breached by third-party apps that use the same token!

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Garlic grater/herb stripper bowls in process.

The rough surface can be used to grate garlic or ginger (I use mine to make salad dressing or dipping sauce.)

The little holes can be used to strip leaves off different sized herbs.

These are small bowls - meant to easily fit in the hand & start out with 1 lb of clay.


Pregnancy test, frogs and golden shower 

The aunt of M (she is my partner in life) used to bring back frogs from the clinic, in Buenos Aires.
Frogs were used as a pregnancy test, with urine from the pregnant person.
[I've exaggerated a bit, no need to do a golden shower, a test tube can do the intermediate.]
The frog would lay eggs spontaneously if put in contact with the putative pregnancy hormone from the urine.
After a while M's aunt was bringing back the frogs to rest a bit or retire in the garden.

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Looking for an Account Manager!

- is technology for online campaigning organizations (big like WWF, Greenpeace and many small ones).

We make a digital action toolkit for campaigners which allows signing petitions and ECIs, mail-to-target, social media campaigns and more.

We are FLOSS and privacy friendly. Supporter sign-ups can be encrypted, we run servers in Germany and have good support for GDPR.

Apply here, boosts appreciated!

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You create a system that rewards exploitation and then wonder why the greediest bastards always seem to rise to the top.



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NO ONE would survive the apocalypse without a community, No one survived without one until sometime in the middle of the last century.

The funniest thing of all: these experts talk about and
But it will never occur to them that the scarcity of cheap fossil fuels will bring down a lot of servers.
Because without access to data, you don't get very far in .

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Twitter is starting to block some instances of Mastodon... Spread the word!

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Did you know? The #privacy-friendly #Android-based /e/ operating system by #Murena lets you route your #smartphone's entire internet traffic through the #Tor anonymity network. To use this feature, simply navigate to “Advanced Privacy” in the system settings and switch on “Hide my IP address”.

Here's a list of devices supported by @e_mydata:

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Today's for is...

The poem can include the prompt word or be about the prompt word.

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六月二号是国际性工作者日(International Sex Workers' Day)。正好最近在继续读Revolting Prostitutes这本书,是两个女性性工作者一起写的,很好读。里面就有提到"Sex work is work"——很多人听到这句话以及很多关于性工作者的讨论都会有误解,以为是对性工作本身的赞扬和宣传,但其实更多时候性工作者的诉求只是劳工权利而已。当然有自愿并喜欢做这行的性工作者,但更多人也只是为了赚钱生活而已,因为这行时间灵活,又不需要什么学位背景,她们和大部分普通人没有太大区别。


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Charlie Chaplin who was always known for his comedy roles has surprisingly delivered one of the most powerful speeches I have ever heard . It’s from the film ‘The Great Dictator’. Relevant to our times.


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! Now available for free in an App Store near you and on the web and in the supermarket where that one person works who also loves Mastodon and even toots while at work for what we say, yaaaay go tooots on Mastodon

I am considering becoming a nomad in the Fediverse:
I want to discover every instance.

Is there a limited number of redirects we can do to a new account instance?

For example, I go from A to B, then from B to C.
Would it be possible to have my account redirected from A to B, and the other account redirected from B to C? Overall, the redirects would be from A to C.

The other problem will be keeping my main posts/articles, I'm thinking of squatting on free servers to store my main stories (like a blog).


I'm having fun with a YouTube body language analyst. Because he analyses typical responses.
There is no way a neurodivergent person can be read appropriately.
At the max. you can tell when someone is playing. But eye blinks, sight direction, eyebrows position, all of that is different.
Slightly but body language analysis is based on amplifying these subtile details.

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A new month has started that also comes with a new server bill 💸

This bill is the most expensive I've seen so far with the upgrades from the past month. I'm currently working to bring down costs some more 💪 ❤️

If anyone could help me out paying the server, email and media storage bills for and all other free services please do❤️

As a little thank you I can always make you featured on my profile :cat_hug_triangle:​ Just send me a DM :blobfoxsnuggle:

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To work in India, a woman first has to first fight for her right to education in her home. From the leftovers (food+resources) that she is given, she cobbles together time from daily chores to get through school, college (if she's lucky). Her education is not priority at all.


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Good morning folk and friends from far and near!

Today I wish you calm and focus ✨

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