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my article is about the unaccounted contribution of science to justify massacres, with and .

Because , and more broadly people are still discriminated against for the same reasons.

And we are even tokenised by transphobic J.K. Rowling to discriminate against

This is not an article detailing the atrocities.

Rather, it's about relaying the call to psychiatrists to finally change the way they diagnose people.

Because it hasn't changed since before the Second World War. And maybe it goes back to colonialism itself...

Have a nice

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Third step: making a sentence with other hashtags I fancy:
Since I got , thankfully, it seems that COVID is no longer in me, no in sight.
I'm waiting, without really wanting it, for the next sub-variant to arrive here in Argentina.

As you may have read in my bio, I am and do my best to speak out against not just , in the spirit of . That's the reason I appeared here in .

I'm passionate about animals like the , and everything else that makes our planet so nice. I believe that ecosystem services and are as important as our lives. Because they are not only related to but also to us: what we eat, drink, medicines, building materials, etc.

I believe we are now in the stage of to global change. is over, is more important than technology.

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