There is a huge work to do with social media regulation.

Especially the way they give you back your data. And the interoperability.

More or less it's like you ask about the notebook of poetry you have written and they give you back data on a toilet paper roll.

And each place do not accept other places paper rolls. Even the originating social media app can't upload back your prose.

They make everything to be sure that you will have no other use of your data than... [I let you guess]

There should be a universal interoperability to upload your data everyplace you want. Like a smartphone charger's plug. Otherwise it is monopolistic. **And for the it means you can't save your own data.**

A credible and sustainable social media should be able to provide to you all your data organised in a universal file system. So that you can be nomad again. And upload everywhere you want. Even in the

There is a lot of advice about not going to demonstrations or strikes with a mobile phone. And not to rely on so-called "secure" applications.

**Don't take your smartwatch either!**
This watch is scanned by your phone to know where you are! With all your vital signs!

Not to mention that their access to "secure" servers is regularly breached by third-party apps that use the same token!

The funniest thing of all: these experts talk about and
But it will never occur to them that the scarcity of cheap fossil fuels will bring down a lot of servers.
Because without access to data, you don't get very far in .

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