Anyone in the community or not has sometimes one foot folding abruptly on the side? While walking?
So you have to put your weight on your other leg... or fall.

The funny thing about a choir is that if I can hear my voice, it's because I'm not synchronised with my mates.
Be it the tuning, the level of my voice, the length of the note, failing a silence.
So I need to listen to, sometimes even lip-reading.

As a result, this synchronicity exercise connects me in an amazing way to each chorister.
Together with the breathing, this makes the whole thing the best therapy I have found so far, as a person with autism.

To go further, have a look at the "vagal nerve" and "singing".

So here are the results of this multiple choices poll. As usual, many of you have responded and I thank y'all!

So we are a majority to be open to any community (86% of answers in that way) and 7% of the answers would rather avoid the community. (we can not say if it is because of the hashtag or because of the autistic community in itself).


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#Health #PTSD 

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often described as a traumatic event that is repeated, with all the feelings that come with it.

I'd like to know what is tearing my guts apart all the time. Why did my face suddenly wrinkle? Where does it come from?

Because it's a long story. I can't even take a compliment. The feeling associated with it is foreign to me. I always pretend to be grateful.

friend, as a community do you like?
(enhanced version)

Selfy - Vacuum cleaning 

Just for the pleasure to flag myself with a CW.

And to show the "ear protection equipment" I use when vacuuming (more or less low tech earmuffs).


I have just read this on .server: "Advocating of health / mental disorders is NOT allowed." 😲
Not sure I understand since "advocating" could well mean "talking about"

Is there a special way I can talk about people?
I mean to follow the guidelines.

Hello @demimom, I've borrowed your idea of the :autism: emoji on my profile name, thanks!
Nice to see this emoji on @Mastodon as well!

#Health #Neurodivergent #discrimination 


my article is about the unaccounted contribution of science to justify massacres, with and .

Because , and more broadly people are still discriminated against for the same reasons.

And we are even tokenised by transphobic J.K. Rowling to discriminate against

This is not an article detailing the atrocities.

Rather, it's about relaying the call to psychiatrists to finally change the way they diagnose people.

Because it hasn't changed since before the Second World War. And maybe it goes back to colonialism itself...

Have a nice

Access without paywall:

Second step:
My pronouns are he/him
I'm ,
I'm in a biparental family without kids
It's all dark here, where are you?

Hello moot, feel free to identify yourself so we can mutually follow each other.

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