Dear Diary,

I have finally found out why I cry every time I watch Interstellar, the film.
On first viewing, I thought it was empathy with the actor's emotion.
And tonight I wanted to know if I would cry again.
Because I cry less and less, once a year, sometimes less. That doesn't make a man, rather a man who is less human.

And I cried, it felt so good. Those drops running down my right cheek. The trembling that was associated with it.
And the understanding of my transference.

When I was 13, I saw a close relative crying and saying strong things about life. I escaped into a nearby field, where I used to build my house with straws. Only the boundaries on the ground. And a kind of small arch to symbolise the entrance. At that time there were still poppies everywhere, that I used to decorate this arch.


Later, when I was 16-17, my relative had another crisis. I won't go into details. I went to a nearby field, and I screamed with all my soul once. So that I could be heard from space.
I will always remember that moment. I imagined a few months later that the old me would speak to me, that he/I would tell me that a future awaited me.

I never came to meet my younger self, because it is not possible.
I had to reach the age of 26 to realise that I could have a future.
For other reasons and this. Please do not share this text.

Voilà. 2/2

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