#COVID #SARSCoV2 evolution #SARSCoV3 

As the family of coronaviruses affecting humans grows, with ever more adapted "modules".
The returns to animals to evolve again and sometimes comes back to us.
Like the Hong Kong hamsters that timidly spread the delta variant in the midst of the omicron wave.

It didn't go far. But it didn't evolve with humans in mind. It could have been much worse because what is benign/fitter for an animal can potentiate its pathogenicity in humans.
This is what the approach is, monitoring these cases.

Because sometimes, in the future, this variant will recombine with a related coronavirus.

It'll be SARSCoV3, it shall be mild or it shall be worse than ever. Because we have allowed this virus to adapt to ourselves. It now has all the modules.

All it needs to do is scramble its genetic code to expel all the weakening mutations we ourselves have produced in it. And keep the worst of it.

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