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Hey Fediverse 👋☺️
I'm Kai, a software developer specialized on web frontend, its performance, and all the things making you a better colleague.
I toot about and my life.
I'm still a bit lost when it comes to Mastodon, so please forgive me any fauxpas.

Have fun & {} 🖖

Im Dorf fahren die Leute mit dem Auto zum Leichengrillen, weil es mit dem Fahrrad einfach zu heiß ist.

So I went to, replaced Steve Jobs image with my avatar and change the lorem ipsum text with the code for my personal project and... voilà.

It's 2022 and installing dependencies for a website makes my computer explode.

Wo will ich denn eine .com Domain registrieren, wenn ich Email-Only dafuer brauche, und das auch nur als Weiterleitung? Gibt es sowas?

Danke fuers Teilen. 🙏🏼

if I was a programmer I would simply make a program without any vulnerabilities or backdoors so that the program doesn't need to be updated and can be used forever

Not so much fun fact:

Twitter doesn't allow to post the following link: mastodon .social and mastodon. social/about ...

Hey #Fosstodon, does anyone here know of a beginning developer, in need, that could use a #Linux laptop gratis? I have a Starlabs Laptop IV that I don't use. Please boost for visibility.

I had such a brilliant name for a character in guild wars 2 that I bought yet another character slot.

And now I have a female human engineer called “Brittney Gears”.

I wouldn't go amiss to mention an important aspect regarding #accessibility: #ableism.

That is the mindset, that there is an „ideal body” and everything that derives from it needs fixing.

Instead, disabilities can be considered a social hindrance.
That also mean, you cannot fix it with tech. Instead, I'd rather point to during #GAAD.

Does anybody have any idea why #librewolf is dumping files with names like "default_15765609467096853040_0.profraw" in my home directory? Does anyone know how I can stop this?

#firefox #help
boosts ok

"What is "mainlining"? And can you eat it?" - This question appeared again and again in the past time and in the blogpost of our developer Werner, is explaining all the important points about it in detail.

Kleiner #Tipp:

Bei Gebrauch von Hashtags die aus mehreren Wörtern bestehen, bitte jedes Wort mit großem Anfangsbuchstaben schreiben. Das macht es für Sehbehinderte leichter dies über den Screenreader zu verstehen. Für Screenreader ist ein Hashtag aus mehreren Wörtern die alle klein geschrieben sind, nur Kauderwelsch.


Falsch: #tippfüraltundneuhier

Falsch: #TippfürAltundNeuhier

Richtig: #TippFürAltUndNeuHier

#Followerpower :boost:

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