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I’m looking to buy a NAS, there’s so much choices… If you have any recommendations ?
(P.s : my budget is less than 300$)

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(Après avoir répondu, merci de partager pour une plus large visibilité)

À tout‧e‧s celleux qui ont rejoint #Mastodon depuis la semaine passée, vous prévoyez, à terme :

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For new people wondering why Mastodon is on thousands of servers instead of one:

-It helps protect us all against Elon Musk scenarios. It's very difficult for anyone to buy a network made of thousands of independently owned servers. (It's the same reason why no one owns the world's email network, because there are so many independent providers out there.)

-If your server misbehaves (or sells out to a malevolent billionaire), you can move your account to a different server, or even to a brand new server. Decentralisation means you're never trapped on a site you hate.

-Mastodon is an open platform where anyone can start their own server, and they don't need tech knowledge if they use a service like or

...and there are lots more good reasons too, to do with servers using alternative Fediverse software etc, but I'll save that for a future post 😁

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Personally I like the engagement on here better than any other platform :blobcatdogsnuggle:

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Retoot if you are loving the tooterverse. 🥰🐘💨

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Recently, I have upgraded the server to keep up with demand and provide a smooth social experience for you. ⚡

We excist to give you a fun, secure, community-owned platform that’s free of ads, tracking, data mining, and corporate overlords.

Anything you can do to help will be welcome and will go toward making mstdn even greater than ever!

More information:

Mastodon 🐘

A general-purpose Mastodon server with a 1000 character limit.

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