Google Services Go Down in Some Parts of U.S. written by Daisuke Wakabayashi and Michael Levenson in Technology on

La incompetencia de los políticos españoles puede ser tan mortal como la COVID-19 written by David Jiménez in en Español on

In Politically Charged Inquiry, Durham Sought Details About Scrutiny of Clintons written by Adam Goldman, William K. Rashbaum and Nicole Hong in U.S. on

New York Will Review Virus Vaccines, Citing Politicization of Process written by Michael Gold and Jesse McKinley in New York on

Somali-American Police Officer Sentenced to 12.5 Years in Death of Minneapolis Woman written by Matt Furber and Mitch Smith in U.S. on

Trump Faces Challenges Even in Red States, Poll Shows, as Women Favor Biden written by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin in U.S. on

White House Accused of Improperly Politicizing Review of John Bolton’s Book written by Michael S. Schmidt and Charlie Savage in U.S. on

Judge Orders Eric Trump to Testify in N.Y. Fraud Inquiry written by William K. Rashbaum and Danny Hakim in New York on

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