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This review is hilarious!
iBall Nirantar UPS 622 - Uninterrupted Power Supply to Your Personal Computers, Home Entertainment Network and Gaming Consoles, Black

Stars align is an awesome Anime which delves into the life of teenagers who love tennis and are facing realistic day to day struggle with their lives having to deal with Parental Abuse, Loneliness, Studies, and more. I highly recommend it!
Rating: 10/10.

honestly I find this even more insulting than "bug fixes and improvements"

it's equally useless but also infantalizing

Text Editor - a great tool for writing, with less distractions. 

This is gold! Bahaha
Watch "Introducing Communist Amazon Echo" on YouTube

GNOME on Ubuntu 19.04 with Zorin OS theme is awesome!

insides (bunch of bodge cables will be removed + better cable mgmt)

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