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Watching my watchlater playlist on YouTube (Invidious) still haven't put a dent on it! Lol

I just updated my Peertube page.
Added details about my current setup and support links 🍺

Update profile links! Cleaned up followers list!

Feeling great!

It also seems to compile kernel as well! Nice!
Kernel Info:
Linux version 4.14.167 (navneet@buildbox) (gcc version 8.3.0 (OpenWrt GCC 8.3.0 r12152-1ab81bf)) #0 Thu Jan 30 18:08:09 2020

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Yay, it works! Saved a lot of space my custom image. Total Image size = 3.4 MB No PPP so no WAN xD but I use it as a switch + ipv6 6in4 tunnel!

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