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Depends on amount of daily conversation and place where living.
If in Germany, German.
If abroad, it switches after some weeks to main language using there.

I can speak Tamil but can't read and write, Speak Hindi fluently and also read and write it, And Understand and Converse/Read/Write Gujarati(Prefer Hindi), English R/W/C.

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Guys! What is the language of your thoughts?

My mother tongue is Tamil, but i was raised in Gujarat so mine is Hindi(Usually) and English when I am trying to converse with English speakers.

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

Photo No ec : Gunning for the John Wick look! 

Need straight hair and more good looks! :smart:

Briar is an amazing app.
It is a messaging app designed for activists, journalists, and anyone else who needs a safe, easy and robust way to communicate.

#technology #censorship #tor #messagingservices #securemessaging #privacy #activism

Finally had some time to write a new blog post. It's about the OpenShot video editor that I started using recently.


In a debate discussing Capitalism vs. Socialism, watch remind Whole Foods CEO John Mackey exactly who he sold his company to.

HTML stands for

How could she do
This to
Loved her so much now she’s gone

School Babysitters (Gakuen Babysitters)
Watch it online. I rate it 10/10 on cute meter.

Browsable list of awesome lists

An awesome list is a list of awesome things curated by the community. There are awesome lists about everything from CLI applications to fantasy books. The main repository serves as a curated list of awesome lists.

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