@slatis welcome to Mastodon!

@stux is the Instance admin. I am sure you will have a good time here.

@slatis hey, confirm that you are a by replying the following question.
Q. Do you prefer Mastodon over Twitter?

Haha! That will do, I am interested in learning more about GCP let me know if you would like to chat more about it on IRC or Bigbluebutton.
I use AWS, Digital Ocean, Vulte, Linode for my freelance work.

No, Microsoft Word, I do not want to select the whole word. That’s why I started out in the middle. Stop fucking trying to think for me you skip-logic piece of shit and just do what I tell you, as all good software ought.

@calculsoberic @stux @i3x
Oh! Makes sense, I have had same experience on Web app. It usually goes away automatically. :23235:

@calculsoberic @stux @i3x I am extremely sorry that you have to go through this every single day! At least we have user based filter/mute options.

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