Please confirm if you are by replying what you like about GCP?

@null0x0c Sorry didn't see the answer, shame on me. =(

GCP is fast, easy to use and does things how you expact them in the "cloud". Didn't used AWS yet, but if i compare GCP with Azure, GCP feels more like a cloud. In azure you have to Use Active Directory and the things with service accounts are more complicated. But the best feuture of GCP is the IAP, so you can go into your 'private' Cluster and VMs without a VPN.

Excuse me, i'm so bad at explaining. =(

Haha! That will do, I am interested in learning more about GCP let me know if you would like to chat more about it on IRC or Bigbluebutton.
I use AWS, Digital Ocean, Vulte, Linode for my freelance work.

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