Stars align is an awesome Anime which delves into the life of teenagers who love tennis and are facing realistic day to day struggle with their lives having to deal with Parental Abuse, Loneliness, Studies, and more. I highly recommend it!
Rating: 10/10.

@null0x0c I had overlooked Stars Align simply because I generally don't like supotsu ganbare anime, but this is indeed different.

One of my favorite series this season along with Beastars and Vinland Saga. #anime

@codewiz I am currently watching SAO, Food wars, Fire Force, BHA

@null0x0c Ah, it's just the Japanese pronunciation of sport: スポーツ (su-po-o-tsu). While がんばれ (ga-n-ba-re) simply means "do your best!"

Thus, "supotsu ganbare" is a popular anime genre where the protagonist works hard to become a champion at some sport:

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