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Q. Do you prefer Mastodon over Twitter?

No, Microsoft Word, I do not want to select the whole word. That’s why I started out in the middle. Stop fucking trying to think for me you skip-logic piece of shit and just do what I tell you, as all good software ought.

@null0x0c @calculsoberic @akeno @i3x Ah yes! This user was posting ‘anti-COVID’ posts. Telling things like masks are bs and don’t work. The virus is fake etc etc!

I don’t stand for that so that’s why he’s out 🙂

@akeno @null0x0c @calculsoberic @i3x you are in my house with my rules. We are NOT a free speech instance. Respect and the truth is far more important than saying whatever you like.

@calculsoberic @null0x0c @akeno @i3x I’m not even going into discussion with those people. If they wann spread fake news about Corona i suggest they signup on Twitter or Facebook

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Hello! I hope you are doing well please reply to this message with anything that you like to do when you are on this site.


Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly, and for the same reason.

Here’s a sneak peek at the new Site.js web site/page for the next version of Site.js.

No frameworks or build systems for such a simple thing. Just hand-written HTML, CSS, and JS. All minified and packaged up as a single 146KB HTTP request currently being served from my laptop at home:

When I say Small Web, I mean *small* ;P

PS. If you notice any issues, typos, etc., please do let me know.

(Depending on when you hit it, I might have turned the server off.) :)

Yesterday I was working on a little clone for you that’s also federated.. See it live here

The 9.5a11 alpha version of @torproject's browser ships with support for announcing your Onion site from your regular website via the "Onion-Location" HTTP header. For Nginx users: `add_header Onion-Location x.onion$request_uri;` and you're done.

Consolidated my Mastodon Social account with this one! One less account to manage.

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