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Mya-nee see this!
Watch "All “Mya-nee” and other catchy phrases of Hinata from Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita!" on YouTube

if you think of something nice to say to someone, then just say it, you will both feel good

I need a software recommendation: what #email server would you recommend for running on #linux?

* doesn't need a whole VPS to itself
* built-in web client
* easy to setup and admin

Dat Installer

The new decentralized internet needs mobile app distribution channels. Dat Installer is the answer for Android apps, working as a decentralized "Play Store" minus the "Store" part (discovery of apps and monetization). With Dat, apps can be shared peer-to-peer, either locally or globally, with or without access to the old internet.

With Dat Installer you can insert a Dat link where you expect the APK file to be, and this app will download the APK and make it easy for you to install it right away (as well as update, in the future).…


or the Dat hash address:


You can also install (actually update) Dat Installer through Dat Installer! dizzy_face


#dat #p2p # #DatInstaller

Need to secure everything before making it accessible from the internet.

Got Static IP for My Fiber connection! Yay! Time to Install Nextcloud and Other Apps.

The Mastodon documentation has been rewritten by @trwnh. It now has a search function and a different design as it's now hosted on GitBooks. Take a look!

If after looking you think a topic worth writing about is missing, tell me what it is!

#Fosstodon is growing fast and we need your help!

More details in the Hub post below:

Much love ❤️

YouTube: Here have a free month of YouTube Premium!
Me: :smart: Proceeds to setup Pi hole.


This review is hilarious!
iBall Nirantar UPS 622 - Uninterrupted Power Supply to Your Personal Computers, Home Entertainment Network and Gaming Consoles, Black

Stars align is an awesome Anime which delves into the life of teenagers who love tennis and are facing realistic day to day struggle with their lives having to deal with Parental Abuse, Loneliness, Studies, and more. I highly recommend it!
Rating: 10/10.

honestly I find this even more insulting than "bug fixes and improvements"

it's equally useless but also infantalizing

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