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the government for the past 50 years: if you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to hide now let us spy in you without warrants 24/7. :youmusip:

also the government: pls don't audit votes :blobcatpuffyshy:
Yes he may have a 6 pack and drive a mustang, but I run a moderately successful meme page on a decentalized network. Your call ladies

More SourceHut shilling 

Support for GitHub: send an email, wait fifteen million years for a response

Support for Sourcehut: drop in the IRC and ask a question, and get a response from Drew fairly quickly, if not the other fine gentle(wo)men in the room.

#DOFH excuse #83:

Your browser is not supported. Please install Chrome.

i don't care if i technically deleted the folder, when i type cd .. i want you to go back to the directory before the final / that you're showing me onscreen, not the trash folder

I've added a few 88x31 banners to my blog and I was thinking about joining or creating a webring.

It'd a fun way to promote a people-first web, instead of this crappy corporation web that we have today.

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