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I talk about it often, but man do I miss the early 2000 Internet, where everything was exciting as fuck. The billions software download websites and the likes. The indie managed ones would have free upload albums where people would post boomer funny pictures

You Zoomers don't know what you've been missing, it was paradise
honestly gotta admit that im mostly indifferent about the name of posts on mastodon. something that is much more important to me is that people stop calling the fediverse mastodon
glad to hear mastodon is finally fixing its flatulence problem

Parallel Experiments Nova 

I'm pretty much done with the portals thing , so the other ones (Aoi , etc) will be inactive (they already are)

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Parallel Experiments Nova 

I just brought two alts back to life.

- Chill-posting account : (locked account)

- Neko account :

I really doubt if I'll be active on those two though.

Demons are often depicted as a symbol of evil. But for this people, evil is not doing what they say that we should do.

I'd say that demons are rather a symbol of liberty and freedom. Of course some people will abuse of their liberty to do bad things and hurt other people. But that doesn't necessarily has to be the case. Maybe I'm just not happy with what they say I have to do and I want to do something else, even if it doesn't hurt anyone in the process.

Angels are more like the opposite. A symbol of control. "Do as we say and you'll be fine".

If this is the case, I'd be a demon any time. I'd be a demon lord who advocates for liberty and freedom, as long as there is respect and nobody is hurt unnecessarily.

❌ Linux
❌ GNU/Linux
❌ GNU+Linux
βœ… Linux-based operating system using glibc and GNU coreutils + dozen other projects

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