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So now I'm taking the hydroxcookiechloriquine ... all my doctors tell me I'm the healthiest person they've ever seen. The healthiest, hardest-working, most compassionate person anywhere in the world.

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Who wants to contribute money to me so that I can sue China for releasing the Horton-Hears-A-Whohan virus to make me look bad? You can miss a meal, but China must pay!

My wonderful, important Space Force will have super-duper missiles in case those loser Klingons decide to invade.

Nobody is better at both boasting and humbleness than I am.

My leadership-ness continues to get more and more fantastic by the day. Literally every ruler of every country (including Agrabah and Atlantis) has called me and said "Sir, can you share your awesome leaderiness with us? We wish we were as wonderful as you are, sir!"

I'm a great leader, and I have a great plan. It's a classy, smart, wonderful plan. Many people tell me how great it is. Just a terrific plan. People often come into the Oval Office (practicing tremendously important social distancing) and say "Sir! Your plan is so amazing and terrific that we are unworthy to be recipients of it. Thank you for your amazing leadership!"

I'm a great leader. The best leader. My leadering is the greatest leadering ever. Everybody says so.

Other countries call me day after day (I can almost hear them getting choked up over the phone) ... they say "Sir, how did you develop such excellent leadership skills? On the best days of our lives, we could never hope to be as leader-y as you are!"

I just wanted everyone to remember that Obama is responsible for all this Chinaman virus trouble ... how dare he not leave me with tests and a vaccine for a virus that wouldn't even exist until he had been out of office well over 700 days! The NERVE! He must be the bigliest loser!

In case anyone asks you, I'm very rich and a great businessman. Such a great businessman that I paid a porn star $130K NOT to sleep with me. 😂

This is your daily reminder that everybody loves me except the Democrats who want to destroy their own economies and let their people suffer because it makes me look bad. Everything is so unfair!

Another day of helping people who are nice to me and punishing those who aren't. It's wonderful. Bigly. Just terrific!

I'm gonna sue the Chinese for releasing this virus. It's making me look bad and it's ruining the bestest and most wonderfulest economy in the history of the world.

We're doing hundreds of millions of tests a day. I would do more ... it might save lives, but it would make my numbers look bad.

It's another wonderful, stupendous, gold-plated day here at the White House. I've been fielding calls all morning from foreign leaders telling me what an amazing job I'm doing with this Whoo doggie virus.
"Sir, I can't believe ANYONE could ever be as amazing and fantastic as you are! You're saving the world!"

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If for some reason the web UI crashes always copy the log that is provided, paste it on a unlisted paste on pastebin for example and share the link with a developer or admin so they can forward it :mastodon_oops: Those crash logs are important for fixing stuff :mastodon: Together we build a better and better platform

Seriously, is there a better leader in the world than me? I understand everything so well, and I'm responsible for saving roughly 376 billion people simply by breathing. I'm a really terrific leader.

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