I can remember when 1.44 MB of data was quite a bit ... of course, I'm old enough to remember the floppy disks that were actually floppy.

Have a classy, wonderful, fantastic Christmas. Just a terrific Christmas. Everybody says you should.

Hope your weekend is classy, gold-plated, and terrific.

Your favorite president has been treated unfairly by the Supreme Court ... they haven't accepted the mountains of evidence we can't produce (but everyone knows it's there) ... the bookies said I had a 8 trillion percent chance of winning! Bad for the country. Very unfair. Thank you!

I actually won the election ... it was a landslide.
Give me more money and I'll prove it.
The deep state courts want "standing" and "evidence." So unfair. Thank you!

I just watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas" on PBS. What a loser he is! He couldn't even find a gold-plated tree ... they're so classy and tasteful. Just like Melania's "modeling" pictures.

They're doing another one? It's at least the third ... fourth movie, but third origin that I know of.

Your favorite president won this election. By a lot!
Sleepy, creepy, fleepy Joe doesn't know where he is, but he masterminded a complex, multi-state election theft.

Hello everybody! I've been bravely staying in my bunker while the greatest lawyers in the history of the world send out the best legal papers around. They're just terrific papers. Everybody says so ... I won this election, by a lot.

My coronation ... err ... convention is terrific.
My son's girlfriend gave a classy, wonderful speech where she absolutely didn't seem like a shrieking lunatic ... and it's just been up, up, up from there.
Sleepy, Beepy, Fleepy Joe won't know what hit him when every member of the Trump family who hasn't written a book about me makes a hostage video ... I mean speech at the convention.

Sleepy treepy peepy steepy fleepy Joe has finally picked his running mate ... Phony Kamala. She's really a terrible person who was rude to ol' Fleepy ... she's so terrible, I gave her $6,000 for her various campaigns. She's THAT bad.

It's unfair to say I hate women.

I hate everyone who isn't me. Being a woman has nothing to do with it. Even so, all the chicks I talk to say I'm the best at faking like I respect them. I'm really good at faking sincerity. Just terrific ersatz sincerity.

Remember, everyone ... "absentee" voting (which is what your Favorite President does) is wonderful, classy, and terrific.
Voting by mail is, by definition, evil and from the very pit of hell, itself. Thank you!

My polls show me winning well over 350 electoral votes ... these published polls that show Sleepy, Creepy, Beep-Beepy Joe leading by 10 points are so unfair to your favorite president. Thank you!

It's just wonderful how sane and calm I am while I send in mercenaries to snatch American citizens off the street. I'm such a stable genius. Thank you!

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