I love Goya products. They're wonderful products. Everybody's been telling me this.
These products are so terrific that I decided to have a picture taken with them, smiling my sincerest, least fakey smile. Thank you!

This is so unfair! The ramp was actually made of ice and axle grease, so I had to walk slowly so I didn't fall and give the lamestream media something to laugh at. Sleepy, creepy, bleepy, cryptkeepy, meepy, fleepy Joe is being very unfair! Thank you!

Nobody is better at both boasting and humbleness than I am.

This sounds like my kind of guy ...

The Style Council (w/ Lenny Henry) - The Stand Up Comic's Instructions


You people say I'm not artistically talented ... but I'm so musical. People tell me how talented I am all the time. It's just terrific, the talent I have.

Apparently, Obama is going to endorse Sleepy, Creepy, Neepy, Tepee, Fleepy Joe. This is great for me politically. Obama? His ratings are bad. Very low.
AP Source: Obama to endorse Biden in video on Tuesday

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former President Barack Obama plans to endorse Joe Biden in a video on Tuesday, giving the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee a boost from the party’s biggest fundraiser...


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