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Does anyone know or operate a public LimeSurvey instance?

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hey #fediverse !

I'm looking for a #freesoftware for indexing textfiles (esp. pdf) to be able to fast-search them for words/phrases.

I'm doing a lot of research for my writings during my studies and I'm so tired of opening every pdf, looking for stuff I can use and then repeat it with the next one.

Maybe you can help me out with a suggestion.

#askfediverse #foss

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Straps breaking on their masks has been a problem for a lot of my students. One of them came up with a novel, though not completely perfect, solution. Not sure how comfortable it is.

#Taiwan #COVID19 #Covid

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Laptop costs
Rs 58k
This is touch screen and 360 degrees foldable.

If you are on lower budget, I can share some words.

I spend number of days for researching laptop product.

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Linus Torvalds - actually mean to people, said “your mother should have aborted you” to a contributor, took “some time off to become a better person” for 1 week before continuing again as kernel maintainer, nobody bothers him anymore.

Richard Stallman - nice to everyone. Challenges people’s viewpoints. Stepped down for 2 years from the organization he founded after people asked him to. Continues to be harassed and treated like shit by the people who benefited from his work.

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