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@schmorp I use a lot of PPAs. In this case it was the fact that I had installed additional Bluetooth codecs for my hifi headphones. They didn't have a release file for Hirsute yet so I'm back on SBC. Stuff like that. Nothing machine breaking but little annoying things.

@calculsoberic I've considered that too. Using it in docker for instance.

The idea of a rolling release is actually quite attractive. I know I just upgraded to Hirsute Hippo and kept thinking, "Wait, why do I do this every nine months? Freakin' pain."

That and the Arch User Repository. It sounds really cool.

@calculsoberic I know people have been saying Arch is the future and such, hardcore Linux people use Arch. I came from Linux because I was sick and tired of Apple but I loved the MacOS desktop environment. Ubuntu gives me a nice experience out of the box. Tiling window managers and the command line are great. But sometimes you just want a robust desktop with nice GUIs. Still may switch at some point but not in any hurry to.

@itnewsbot I always thought master and slave was weird terminology. Blacklist and whitelist seems a bite more benign.

That said, unlike BLM I am not an anarcho-communist so.... I don't know. In general not opposed to changing terminology but I am also not huge fans of these activist groups, even if a lot of their non-Marxist grievances are legitimate.

@Counsel Oh gawd, even if you are a liberal or socialist, the guy is a creepy shithead. They can do better. absolutely amazing I still have tons of friends swearing that this time it's different. I'm quite skeptical. I'll believe it when I see it.

I think they often feel the need to justify their desire for more socialism on this fact—the robots will take over everything and leave us to starve! I'm sympathetic to more, better social programs, better healthcare, etc.

But I still don't think underlying fear is correct. At least not for a long, long time.

Qatar World Cup 2022 deaths 

@spinny This is sort of the problem I suppose when you have a sport that is popular worldwide and not just within Western or Westernized countries that are generally at least okay when it comes to human rights.

You see the same kind of shit on the UN too... you invite the bad boys to the club and then they act like they always have.

But I definitely agree that football teams from Europe, North America, Japan, etc, should absolutely speak out.

Qatar World Cup 2022 deaths 

@stux @spinny Everyone is currently talking about China and the "genocide Olympics", which is good, but yeah we really need to not give Qatar a free pass... The problem is people only have so much energy in their lives to care about these causes.

joanne boosted I really think to successfully do it you would have to overshoot your goal hormonally/biologically by just a bit. Really hope this is true. A big case of "this time it's different"... maybe... maybe it's different this time. But I'm not convinced.

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Dentro de la variedad B.1.1.7 (el #COVID19 británico)

Inside the B.1.1.7 Coronavirus Variant

What researchers have learned about the U.K. variant.

Ever since leaving Twitter for Mastodon I've been seeing far less divisive political garbage and far more softcore porn. A definite step up.

@bryancyan @Atticusrexicus what's the bitcoin cycle?

I will definitely check out BTC-pay

@bryancyan @Atticusrexicus if only it were possible to really do business with bitcoin...

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