@DeveloperMemes I really do not understand why normal people have lost all knowledge of and use for the terminal.

It is not that hard! Really, the average non-techie, non-dev person could significantly speed up their workflow if they took a couple weeks to get familiar with it.

Maybe GUIs are more intuitive, but not really that much so, at least I don't think so.

@rixty I would love to see, real, undoctored, unenhanced colored photos from these rovers.

I know even stuff like exposure time makes a difference, but it would be nice to see what Mars would actually look like to a human standing there.

@DeveloperMemes It's the proper term of course, but linguistically it's a weird way to put it if you think about it.

"Execute a subroutine" is certainly more mathematically and logically acurrate.

@pony "Can we use big batteries" seems like BS to me. Rail is efficient but they are moving REALLY heavy stuff. An electric line running above or below the track seems way, way more realistic...

@caranmegil Hahahahahaha. I forgot about these videos. Must have watched it 20 times in university back in the day.

@DeveloperMemes I know it's horrible (and to be fair, I am a hobbyist, not professional), but I literally will just write —printf("CHECKPOINT 1\n"); , printf("CHECKPOINT 2\n);, etc.—throughout my code... XD

@stux And quite quickly, I might add. I think it has the shortest day in the solar system.

@jmw150 @sergeant

To an extent. At least on 4G that isn't all that accurate if done ex-post. 5G is a different story...

Honestly, I am perfectly satisfied with 4G... why people feel the need for gigabit-speeds on a device with a 5-inch screen is a mystery to me and to lose yet more privacy in the process.

The standard answer is, "But it will enable the internet-of-things!!"

Um... your fridge needs a gigabit connection???

@DeveloperMemes Recurring expensive payments? Where'd you get that?

@DeveloperMemes Lol. Everytime I go to compile something in C I am like "Okay, let's see the ten spots where I forgot a semi-colon."

@GNUxeava Always a fan. Came to Linux from the Mac world. Hate their overpriced, under-performing hardware and walled garden, but the UI is beautiful. I too, use a Gnome, Mac theme. I like it even though I do so much from the terminal nowadays.

@cypnk You know that is actually an evil nurse from a famous film right?

@Lindsaythelibrarian Browser and phone app... check boxes would have been better than radio buttons

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