Even with a pinephone they can triangulate a user's position. At least with those you can keep identification out of it, or simply turn off the device.


@jmw150 @sergeant

To an extent. At least on 4G that isn't all that accurate if done ex-post. 5G is a different story...

Honestly, I am perfectly satisfied with 4G... why people feel the need for gigabit-speeds on a device with a 5-inch screen is a mystery to me and to lose yet more privacy in the process.

The standard answer is, "But it will enable the internet-of-things!!"

Um... your fridge needs a gigabit connection???

@nomadjoanne @jmw150 @sergeant the S in IoT stands for security.

I don't know how could someone be so idiot to need a fucking computer on their fridge, their toaster or an "assistant" listening to them at home in case they want to ask "add cookies to my shopping list" or "turn off the light" instead of just doing it themselves.

Idiotic generation + cool new tech + marketing is sending humanity to a total disaster.

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