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Facing Extinction: Join Paul Prudence, Antye Greie, Paul Prudence, Britt Wray + Alexander Scholz for a conversation on how artists, designers, and storytellers can help us overcome climate grief and eco-anxiety.
⏰ Oct 6 – 5pm CEST ➡️

for Frankfurt locals: Watch "Tomorrow - Die Welt ist voller Lösungen" today at 7:30pm at Kino.Naxos. Detailed infos here:

Laser projection on Neurath.

This coal power plant alone emits 36.000.000+ Tons of CO2 per year.

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We invite you to stroll during the sidewalks in your neighborhood, attending to the area surrounding local street trees. Join the daily tour at 13:00 at Naxoshalle and get to know the species around studio NAXOS and Mousonturm. Find more info here: .

- Soft Opening of the exhibition "Global Warning! - Marshall McLuhan & the Arts". Free spots available! Register here:

Our next panels are in the pipeline! Get involved by asking Refik Anadol, Simon Weckert, Kling Klang Klong, Christian Mio Loclair and our contributors questions in the Festival Hub! ➡️ / Here is how it works on mobile!

Day 2 - today is the first day of workshops. Join our Festival Hub for the fun!
See the full program ➡️

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